Protection Spells

People use Protection Spells since the dawn of humanity. In fact, our association with magic is traced back to at least 20,000 years. The protection spells Cast by Healer Ham are taken from both the Ancient spells and the Modern spells. My spells in accordance with the universal rules of witchcraft and wizardry to fit people in dire need of protection

Protection Spells are a mysterious and volatile mix. They should always be used with great caution and yet defy testing. As with all spells, their effectiveness must be largely attributed to the will of the worker. If the will of the worker is weak, so will the spell also be. We therefore admonish you to practice your spells and learn to work them with confidence and resolve.

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Protection spells are necessary because the evil eye is usually responsible for many bad luck, miscarriages, suicides, and disasters. It is the only thing that has the potential for negative unjustified karma. In fact, people can cast this evil eye without even knowing that they are doing it most of the time.

Consequently, Has someone ever looked at you with jealousy, or have looked at you weirdly while complimenting you? Did you notice that since they complimented you, your luck has changed immediately? This is why protection from jealousy and envy should be learned right away.

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Owning and running a business takes time and extreme amounts of effort, tolerance, and patience. But nothing is guaranteed. Even if you devote your life to a project or business, negative energies in the universe can prevent your success and leave you broke with little or nothing to show for your efforts.

You need the protection of powerful business protection spells to ensure the safety and prosperity of your business. These business protection spells are designed specifically for those who own businesses or who are about to start a business.

Business protection spells surround your business with positive energies that promote wealth and success. These energies attract other positive forces to bring in the best clients, agents, customers, and partners that you desire and require in order to prosper. These forces penetrate all barriers of time and space and work wonders for any kind of business.

There will be no limit to the success of your business with my business protection spell. These spells can be used whether you have just started a business, are about to open a business, or wish to stabilize an already established business.


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